We take pride in the ingredients we use in our All Natural 100% Non-Toxic Skincare. 

Health, Quality and Creativity are the three most important factors that determine our recipes. Health is always #1. 

Research has shown that as much as 65% of what you put on your body is absorbed into your bloodstream. That is why we never use any toxic ingredients. All recipes are formulated to be healing and effective. You are going to experience skincare products made with the absolute finest ingredients for healthy skin. Essential oils are added to some of our recipes while others have a wonderful natural scent from ingredients used to create the product. We also have soaps available that are completely scent free. 

Two oils we often use are organic olive oil and organic coconut oil. 

These are the same oils I cook with.  I am a medical assistant and holistic nutritionist for a naturopathic doctor. I will only use oils and ingredients that are the best for your health. I love to cook so naturally I take a gourmet approach when creating these recipes. The liquids are always something extra special like organic herbal tea blends, local handcrafted beer, coffee, espresso, mead or prickly pear cactus fruit juice. 

Nature provides so much. 

I’m using all she has to offer to create the most healing skincare just for you. 


One very important aspect to our skincare creation is using local ingredients when available. 

We strive to network, support and collaborate with like-minded local businesses that take pride in contributing to a healthy environment and vibrant local economy built on sustainable practices.

We are proud and honored to have used ingredients from the following local AZ businesses


About Our Soap

Our Hand Crafted soap is made using the cold process technique. We use organic oils mixed with unique liquids that are combined with sodium hydroxide. Once the oils and lye solution reach the desired temperature they are combined to saponify.

Meet the Owner of Siphon Draw Apothecary

Master formulator of our All Natural Skincare Products

Colleen Sinclair


About Colleen Sinclair 

After a 20 year career in the beauty industry doing nails and permanent makeup I decided to enter the medical field. I wanted to make an impact on the health of an individual. An impact that went beyond just looking good. I wanted to help people feel good and live optimally.

After completing my Phlebotomy Certification at PIMA Medical Institute with honors I hit the jackpot. I was hired to work for Dr. Abram Ber. A true pioneer in the field of Natural Medicine. I became an integral part of a medical team that treated thousands of patients from all over the world using natural medicine. My experience there helped me earn my national certification as a medical assistant.

My passion continued to grow as I participated in caring for patients that had some of the most extreme prognoses. I was trained to do many cutting edge treatments and therapies including nutritional IV’s, injectables, homeopathic remedies and Hemo Oxygenated Therapy.

In this environment I learned how important skincare products were to our overall health. 

Using Food as Medicine also became an extreme passion.

Dr. Ber taught me many things about natural healing but the most impactful lessons were of integrity, compassion and kindness when caring for people. Dr. Ber passed away in 2014. Today, when I make a new product I always ask myself “Would Dr. Ber approve?”

I decided more education was needed to feed these passions in order to truly help others so I enrolled at Energetic Health Institute to become a Holistic Nutritionist. I am currently working my way through this extensively thorough program.

About the same time I signed up for EHI my husband and I opened up Siphon Draw Apothecary. Originally I wanted to open a restaurant using Food as Medicine but was called in another direction, Skincare and Beauty. I had gone almost full circle to my beauty salon days but this time I had a whole new outlook. How can I create Safe, Non-Toxic, Effective, Creative skincare? There is a need so I decided to serve it. 

People deserve health promoting, safe skincare options that are effective and creative. I began creating products right out of my kitchen using food!!!

Since opening Siphon Draw Apothecary I have formulated over 50 Original All Natural, Non-Toxic Skincare products using Organic foods, herbs, oils, spices, essential oils, clays and more.

Many of my products are sold by doctors because they are safe and effective.

Currently I am also providing Holistic Nutrition Services to patients. I look forward to helping everyone I can heal using food as medicine both on the inside and outside of their bodies.