DIY Non Dairy Milk


DIY Non Dairy Milk

Learn how to make your own Non-Dairy Milk.

Join Holistic Nutritionist Colleen Sinclair live as she explains how to do it yourself.

This is a Live Interactive Online Class

You will have the opportunity to ask questions and figure out how to finally make your own Non Dairy Milk!

Make your own fresh delicious Non Dairy Milk at home all the time with ease.

Save Money & Time when you do it yourself.

Almond milk is Colleen’s favorite and will be her choice for this class but you will learn how to use other options for non dairy milk too.

If you are interested in more Holistion Nutrition services Colleen would love to talk to you.

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Have you been really curious about Food Allergies & Sensitivities?

Do you have eczema?


Suffer from migraines?

Chronic Sinus infections?

Itchy Skin?


Ear aches?



Get to the bottom of your food sensitivities with Colleen.

During your Discovery Session you can discuss testing to get the answers you’ve been searching for.

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