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The Herbal Tea Collection – These soaps are made with a variety of herbal teas from Wisdom Nectar Tea. These herbal blends add skin loving properties to the soap and accentuate their delightful scent.

This Collection Includes:

Bedtime Relax Lavender Tea Soap – One of our most popular bars of soap. An excellent choice to join you in a relaxing bath time experience or to use anytime you want a moment of peace and relaxation. Gentle and soothing for the skin and the mind!
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Flower Power Tea Soap – This soap is a gentle, balancing bar that will soothe even the most sensitive skin! A delicate, mood lifting scent of Geranium is enjoyed as you lather up with this moisturizing bar of soap. Flower Power Tea from Wisdom Nectar Teas is infused into this soap, adding wonderful benefits that calm skin inflammation.
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Happy Qi Lemongrass Tea Soap – Expect an uplifting experience from this bar. This soap is created with the energetic tea Happy Qi that is hand blended by our friends Wisdom Nectar Tea. Every ingredient is this bar of soap is pure, full of energy and made with love.
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Chai Tea Soap – If you love Chai Tea or the smell of cinnamon you will love this creamy bar of soap. It’s made with real Organic Chai Tea from Wisdom Nectar Tea. It is a great all over body bar that lathers great, cleans your skin really well and leaves it feeling smooth.
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