Relaxing Herbal Tea


The Bedtime Relax tea has a new name and new beautiful packaging!

Calm and Strengthen your systems with Relaxing tea.

When feeling overwhelmed by the stress of the day, brew a cup before bedtime and wake up clear headed. Feeling serious flu symptoms? Drink a hot cup of Bedtime Relax tea every few hours.

While this tea is best without sweetener, if desired, use raw honey to enhance the soothing effects.

The ingredients in Relaxing Tea are gentle, safe and surprisingly powerful. We always recommend if you are pregnant, nursing or have serious health concerns that you ask your doctor if these herbs will be helpful for your condition.
Steep one tablespoon for 5 to 10 minutes.
Sleep well!

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. All information is for educational purposes and has not been approved by the FDA. If you have ANY health concern, including pregnancy, speak with your healthcare provider before trying any holistic therapy or remedy. Not recommended in Pregnancy.

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