Cinnamon Chocolate Coffee Soap


Wash with a Chocolate Bar? Now that’s luxury.

It’s so fun to make this soap. The smell is incredible and looks like brownie batter as we pour it into our molds. It really does look good enough to eat!

Did you know that coffee offers multiple benefits in skincare? Coffee is loaded with antioxidants which can prevent premature skin aging. It can also reduce swelling and inflammation which helps with those morning puffy eyes. Studies of skin creams containing caffeine have shown a significant decrease in cellulite.

Coffee grinds are found within the body of the bar, adding a wonderful exfoliating quality.

Size Options:
Full Size approximately 4.25 ounce
Mini approximately 1 ounce

Exfoliant Rating: Very Mild Exfoliant

Exfoliant Rating Key: (No Exfoliant, Very Mild, Mild, Medium, Most)

Our Soap Recipes are Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free


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