Lunar Grace


This herbal combination is delicious and naturally sweet. Add milk if you’d like. It’s like an herbal hot chocolate.

Lunar Grace is an excellent tea to assist in balancing hormones and improving mood for women and men. Licorice root is especially helpful with adrenal health. That means Energy!

This is my husband’s favorite. This bag contains enough of the herbs to provide you with a cup everyday for approximately 1 month.

Tips: Always Use clean water when brewing. To draw out the most nutrients from your herbs use distilled or reverse osmosis water. These herbs are quality and potent. Many times you can add more water after brewing to get another cup of tea. Get all you can!

*A friend once told me she keeps adding water to her herbs until it’s clear so she knows she got every last bit of flavor and nutrients from them.

This product is not intended to treat, diagnose, or prescribe. All information is for educational purposes and has not been approved by the FDA. If you have ANY health concern, including pregnancy, speak with your healthcare provider before trying any holistic therapy or remedy. Not recommended in Pregnancy.

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