Potion Making Event Pre-Order


Create your own MAGIC POTION ?

We have been doing this every year since 2014

So many happy potion makers have their potion listed in our

Official Registry of Magic Potions.

By Pre-Ordering you can reserve a time slot to come down to the apothecary to make your magic potions. This will not guarantee an exact time, but will help us to keep the social distancing better organized. This is a great option for groups or families that want to make their potions together! We also have private party reservations available for potion making after hours-contact to schedule a special event.

It’s all about creativity, inspiration, intention and the love of manifesting the impossible.

Create your own Health Elixir, Love Potion or Happiness Tincture. You create it, you name it, we seal it with wax and cast the activation spell together.

Fall celebrations may be unclear this year due to the pandemic but our potion making will give you the opportunity to explore more magic this season than you thought possible.

Dress up in your finest outfits, wear your hats, capes, fancy shoes and don’t forget the accessories to adorn you.

All potion purchases qualify you for a one time, day of, in store only 15% off discount.

We will maintain a safe experience for all. Social distancing and masks will be required for those above 6 years old and without medical exemptions, when inside our little Apothecary.

Prepay Here Online- $7 each potion

Regular Price Purchased in store-$8 each potion

You may select a group reservation for up to 3 people for the same time slot. You can purchase the additional potion bottles here or wait and buy them at the store at the pre-order price. If you have a larger group or there are not enough time slots available consider scheduling a private potion making party!


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