Pumpkin Smash Gift Collection


Delight your senses with all of our Pumpkin Smash products in one collection!

This Collection Includes:

Pumpkin Smash Soap – Handcrafted with real pumpkin and a spicy blend of essential oils that are reminiscent of pumpkin pie! Pumpkin naturally contains the skin-loving Vitamins A & E. It also boosts collagen production and has a skin softening effect.
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Pumpkin Smash Lip Balm – Fall spices and healing oils, like pumpkin seed oil, nourish your skin with specific nutrients provided by nature during the fall season to support health. It actually tastes pretty delicious on your lips, too.
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Pumpkin Smash Bath Bomb – This warm, aromatic combination of Pumpkin Spice essential oils will delight your senses while warming and softening your skin. We like to follow this bomb up our Pumpkin Smash Body Butter.
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Large (200ml) Pumpkin Smash Body Butter – Smells so delicious and feels like a warm hug. Creamy organic shea butter whipped with organic coconut oil and Vitamin E oil is the perfect combination to feed and nourish your skin.
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