The Ghost Town Bath Bomb Collection


Four Original Handcrafted Bath Bombs. All made in our Apothecary from the most healing, non-toxic skincare ingredients available.Bath Bombs included in the collection are:

Bat Bomb – A wild fizz in your tub that smells of our popular chocolate rose essential oil combination.
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Graveyard Dust – Dust Devil Bath Bomb Powder – A very earthy smelling combination of skin loving ingredients including bentonite clay, a powerful detoxifier.
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* This is our first Dust Devil Powder Combination – Dust Devil Powder gives you the power to decide exactly how much you want in your tub.   You will find enough Dust Devil Powder in this selection for 1 to 3 baths.

Pumpkin Smash Bath Bomb – Combination of essential oils to delight your pumpkin spice needs.
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Witches Brew – Dust Devil Bath Bomb- The combination of Eucalyptus and Peppermint essential oils will clear your sinuses and stimulate your mind.
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