Wild Horsetail Hair and Scalp Treatment


A strengthening and nourishing oil infusion for hair and scalp named for the Wild Horses of the Salt River. Our Wild Horsetail Hair and Scalp Oil is infused with nutrient rich horsetail herb (also called shavegrass) nettles, which provide important vitamins and minerals to the hair, strengthening dry, brittle hair, encouraging healthy growth, and soothes a dry or flaky scalp. It is in a convenient dropper bottle so you can drop it right onto the area you need it and massage it in.

Used on a regular basis it can help to strengthen brittle hair, smooth frizz, and replenish depleted or damaged hair. Peppermint and Lavender essential oils stimulate hair follicles, increasing circulation and encouraging growth.

This product can be used as a deep treatment from root to tips or as a light, pre-shampoo conditioning treatment to reduce breakage and frizz.

To apply as a deep treatment, massage 1-2 Tablespoons of oil (2-4 dropperfuls) onto scalp and through the entire length of hair. You may need more or less depending on the length and thickness of hair. If you have thick hair, keep in mind it will be more difficult to wash out, so you can concentrate on the scalp and tips only, if necessary, or simply use less oil all over. You can leave this on anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours.

For a lighter treatment, you can use 5-10 drops, half a dropperful, or a full dropperful depending on your needs. Simply rub into hands and lightly coat the hair, almost as you would apply a body lotion. You can focus on certain areas, such as around the face, that are prone to breakage or dryness. Or drip a few drops directly onto the scalp. This can be applied right before showering or as with the deep treatment, it can be left on for several hours.

If you are using a natural shampoo, the deep treatment, with more generous amounts of oil may make it necessary for you to shampoo twice. Other commercial shampoos (especially those with sodium lauryl sulfate) are usually somewhat harsh and although they will get the oil right out, they can often leave the hair stripped of naturally occurring protective oils that the scalp produces. (This is an important consideration if you are dealing with dry, brittle, or thinning hair).

A light treatment with this oil should wash right out. If there is still oily residue in the hair.

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