Natural Immune Support at Home and in the Kitchen


Are you wondering how to support your family’s immune system with homemade & nourishing remedies?

It can be confusing if you aren’t familiar with more natural methods of healing to know just what to do and when. Being prepared with a few things such as elderberry syrup or immune activating herbal remedies is a great idea and so many people are starting to learn about all the different ways to bring health naturally.

Yet, where healing foods, herbal remedies and natural methods are most powerful, is when they are used for prevention. If we nourish our immune systems through foods every single day, we are more resilient and resistant to sicknesses. Perhaps we don’t get sick as often or perhaps the sickness could be less severe. 

So what can you do right at home to nourish the complexity of the immune system? There are so many things it can be overwhelming. Some good advice is to start simple, just make a few changes at a time, and make sure they really stick.

Here are 3 easy tips for at home immune support with healing foods.

Eat Colorful Foods Daily-(Especially orange & purple things!) Rotate between carrots, sweet potatoes, all varieties of squash, pumpkins, greens, bell peppers, purple cabbage, red onions, fruits of all kinds, etc. These contain precious compounds (spectrums of flavonoids and carotenoids) that nourish the immune system on several different levels and are helpful in situations of inflammation. 

Eat Mushrooms-Even common button and crimini mushrooms contain substances called immunomodulating polysaccharides (also known as beta-glucans) that have been shown to demonstrate specific immune system functioning. There are so many varieties available fresh or dried at the supermarket (or find a local grower) (In Arizona, check out Rhiba Farms!!!) Look for all kinds of oysters, shiitake, maitake (a favorite!) and more.

Make Broth-Broth is one of the most nourishing substances in existence. It can be altered to fit the needs of anyone and can always be made to taste better by adding a variety of things. A long simmered bone broth has so many healing effects on the lining of the digestive system, where a significant portion of the immune system lives. Add some veggies, onion & garlic and it will nourish the body in a multitude of ways. Throw in some common herbs such as sage, oregano, and/or rosemary (toward the end of cooking) and it becomes pathogen fighting, with powerful anti-microbial properties, in a super gentle form that is supportive of ongoing health.

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